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Digikey – 180 days of education – Embedded Vision

Hello there!

Some posts ago I wrote about digikey’s continuing education program, if you didn’t read it, there is the link.

In the next five days, they are discussing about embedded vision, so if you are interested, check it out here. Continue reading Digikey – 180 days of education – Embedded Vision

Scalar Quantization


Today I’ll explain a little about scalar quantization. The goal of scalar quantization is to try to display an image using less quantization levels or less bit to represent each color level.

This method is very simple and very intuitive but the results aren’t that good. So, what’s the idea of scalar quantization? Imagine that we have an RGB image with color quantization from 0 to 255 (8 bits) and we want to represent the colors level only with 2 bits for each color. So instead of using 24 bits we’ll use only 6. Continue reading Scalar Quantization