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Digikey – 180 days of education

Hello there!

This post I’d like to comment a little bit about the digikey continuing education program. It’s 180 days of education in electronics, firmware, concepts, good practices in R&D, tests, etc. Continue reading Digikey – 180 days of education

Creating jffs2 image

 Hello people!   Last time I wrote that we had some problems in generating jffs2 file system image. So I read on the internet about a bug when using -v option in mkfs.jffs2. I tried to generate the jffs2 image by taping the command and I think that I got it. Continue reading Creating jffs2 image

Compiling uClinux with kernel linux-2.6.21

Hello everybody!

Today I’ll show you what I did to compile the kernel.. First of all I’m assuming that you
have already installed build-essentials and mtd-tools packages.
Now let’s begin the hard work! =D Continue reading Compiling uClinux with kernel linux-2.6.21

Toolchain for ARM

Hi people,
I’m following some instructions from Embedded Artists to build my own toolchain, compile and upgrade board’s u-boot.  Continue reading Toolchain for ARM

Embedded artists LPC2468 demo board

Hi people,
I’m currently working on the LPC2468 board from Embedded Artists. This is an overview of the board and processor:

– Processor ARM7TDMI-S core with speed up to 72 MHz
– 512 KB internal flash
– 98 KB RAM
– 4xUART, 3xI2C, 2xCAN, 1xSPI, 2xSSP, 1xI2S
– Full-Speed USB 2.0 Device/Host/OTG
– 10/100 Ethernet MACBoard Continue reading Embedded artists LPC2468 demo board

First Post!

Hello folks!

This is my very new post here. Before we start, let me present myself. My name is Marcelo I’m from Brazil but I live in Canada since 2007 (so, I’m sorry for my bad english lol). I’m an electronic engineer graduated at UTFPR in 2003 and I work with electronics since 2001. Continue reading First Post!